Are new ideas, new techniques and new directions embraced in your company? Do you benefit from creative thinking and innovative solutions? If your answer to either question is, “Needs Improvement,” VisionMining can help. Our programs have three objectives:

• Heighten people’s awareness of the myths, attitudes and habits that cause status quo bias.

• Demonstrate the mindset and techniques that overcome status quo bias, stimulate fresh directions and enhance an organization's innovative culture.

• Provide a fun, enlightening, memorable experience for participants.

The core of VisionMining is an interactive photography-based process that “mines your vision”—that shows you how to identify and extract the precious metals—the creative ideas and innovations—that too often remain trapped inside a company’s “ore” of daily responsibilities and organizational inertia. We offer three programs: Creativity and Innovation Workshops, Team Building Workshops and Presentations/Keynotes…each one is customized to meet your specific objectives (see first FAQ).